Shaun grew up in Pauoa valley, Oahu- a small valley next to the famous Punchbowl Memorial. Shaun started playing ukulele
   around the age of seven. A self-taught musician, Shaun started his musical journey practicing long hours in the bedroom.
   Doing it only by ear and a chord book, Shaun developed the skills that later would demand attention from other
   professional musicians. Upon graduating from Kaiser High School in ‘98, Shaun was already gigging around town. Shaun
   continued to gig while in college studying fire science. During this time he formed a local reggae band called Kani
   Makou. He later graduated in '02 and joined the Fire Department.

   In early 2003, Shaun started his own indie record label Kani Makou Entertainment. Later that same year, Kani Makou started
   to record their first of two albums with local Grammy nominated producer, Dave Tucciarone. Released in 2004, Kani Makou’s
   first album “easy stylin” was a huge local success. Songs “Rock N Groove” and I Wanna Be Her Man” both recieved heavy
   rotation on local radio. The following year in 2005, Kani Makou released their second album called, “Cool State of Mind”.
   Again under Dave Tucciarone, the album was a success, spinning 4 #1 songs on local radio.

   Shaun continued to play with Kani Makou for another 2 years. In 2007, Shaun left the band to continue his music venture.
   In the fall of ‘07 Shaun released an ukulele instrumental album, “food for the soul”. Although an instrumental album, the
   4 vocal tracks on the album were fan favorites. It was on this album that Shaun displayed his diverse vocal ability.
   Receiving excellent reviews from local media, “food for the Soul” was another success for Shaun.

   Shaun has many friends in the music industry who has helped shape his style such as, ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro
   ( d’addario, kamaka endorsee) , Herb Ohta Jr., Roland Davis, (NYU Professor, Composer), and Gary Shimabukuro (Berklee
   College of Music) to name a few.

   Still displaying his master skills on the ukulele, Shaun is currently living in New York City playing music, teaching
   ukulele, and concentrating on his songwriting. Resigning from the fire department in ‘09 as an engineer, Shaun now looks
   to pursue a nursing degree. Shaun currently studies music and nursing at NYU and will graduate in the fall of 2011. You
   may catch Shaun often playing at local venues in NYC and Hawaii.

   Shaun plays Kamaka Ukuleles, uses MiSi acoustic pick-ups, carries MONO cases, and listens to music with Ultimate Ears.